Notes on the Anthropocene: art exhibition in Barcelona

17th, Sep 2020 to 20th, Sep 2020

If the land could speak, what would it tell us? Three contemporary artists come together for Barcelona Gallery Weekend this year to present three diverse bodies of work about land, landscape and the Anthropocene. The term embodies the idea that we have entered a new geological era in which the effect and imprint of man has permanently altered the geological record. Time, space and memory are collapsed in the Anthropocene, when the long duration of geological time rushes toward us to present a future of imminent and drastic change.

This exhibition presents lyrical and provocative works by three artists, encompassing painting, photography, video and installation, that reflect upon the emotional predicament of the Anthropocene, its simultaneously sublime and baleful message, its ethical urgencies and contradictions. Artists: Diego Ferrari, Rosa Galindo, Ruben Martín de Lucas. Catalogue essay: Jean McNeil. Curated by Pigment Gallery and the artists. Venue: Pasaje Montoya, Ávila, 32 Barcelona, 08005.

Photograph: 'The Paradoxical Nature of the Line', by Diego Ferrari