Hunting Down Home

(hardback 1996, paperback 1997; US edition 1999)
*Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize, Canada and Caribbean Section, 1997
Big House, Boularderie, Cape Breton
‘I think of her all the time now that I am the age she was when she disappeared. I have dreams of swimming to Africa to rescue her.’

Seven year-old Morag is growing up on an isolated island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Without mother or father, the most important figure in Morag’s life is her grandfather, Sandy, a drunken, volatile musician. Hunting Down Home is the compelling story of their unusual relationship and of a family’s last year together, a year like many others: of a hot summer, raucous parties, fishing and hunting. Before the year is out Morag will learn the power of choice on a night when she finally takes the future into her own hands.’

‘A sharp, unarguable talent.’ New York Times Book Review
‘Striking for its vigour, wit and thoughtfulness.’ Times Literary Supplement
‘McNeil does a fabulous job of rendering bonds of family as the complex things they are: forever offering both comfort and bondage.’ USA Today
‘A haunting, atmospheric debut.’ Publisher’s Weekly