Tracking - a new project

21st, Oct 2013

'Tracking' is a new project about learning to track animals, and more broadly about becoming a Trails guide - someone who takes people on guided nature walks in the African bush. 

The Logic of Summer - summer idyll novels

25th, Aug 2013

A student of mine on the Masters in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia once summarised her idea for a new novel as ‘A house, a lake, a summer. That’s all I know.’

            A house, a lake, summer. What more could be required for a novel?          

Two Africas – Alexandria to Cape Town

07th, Jul 2013

Alexandria – this must be the most beautiful name for a city. Poised on the northernmost rim of Africa, it is a place I have been to only through literature, and through a literary and family association buried in official secrecy – but that is another story.

Anna Kavan – a unique modernist vision

04th, Jul 2013

Being a writer is one of those no-guarantee professions: there are no guarantees that you will get published and, if you do, that you will be read and understood.

Wilderness and the Future City

05th, May 2013

From the land of lions to the Lion City (all will be illuminated)… wilderness and the future were the perhaps unsurprising themes in a recent working trip to Singapore.