Bush Midnight

Night comes earlier now

‘Bush Midnight’ is an evolving body of work about the African bush. In the wilderness night has a different density to anywhere else. ‘Bush Midnight’ is a term that refers to the early nights in bushcamp: if you get up at 4.45am, then you go to bed at 8.30pm. Ten pm is Bush Midnight – the clock moves differently here.

As a body of literary work, Bush Midnight is about the black intractability of the African night. Also fire, uncertainty, and the peculiar thrill of being part of the food chain – of living among wild animals. It is a nocturnal, underexposed world where very little is visible or clear, and where night comes too soon.

I have posted work in progress, a story called 'Johari's Window' (after the schema developed for group psychology) from this new body of work in the 'Projects' section of this website.