The Blade of History - Journeys Around Our Rooms

Journeys Around our Rooms is an interactive, online space for writers to share the spaces in which they write, conceived of by Amy Sackville and David Flusfeder at the University of Kent's Creative Writing department.

Inspired by the situation of Xavier de Maistre in 1790, confined indoors under house arrest, embarked upon A Journey Around my Room. In this playful, picaresque, entirely unpredictable text, he examines his immediate environment and its contents — which are subject to fluctuations in dimension and bearing as his mood and attention changes — and he ventures out beyond its walls into the territories of speculation, memory, and daydream. 

All writers are invited to contribute a piece of no longer than 600 words, reflecting on the rooms they are wriitng in. The project is part of UEA's 50th anniversay conference, Futures of Creative Writing, held from May 21st-22nd online. There will be a presentation from the project lead, Amy Sackville, on Friday 21 May. There will also be ‘write along’ sessions during the conference where you can join other conference attendees in an online space to prepare and write your submission. If you wish, you can present your submission at one of our conference Open Mic events. For further information and how to register see:

Here is my contribution, 'The Blade of History':