The Land Speaks - art in the Anthropocene

11th, Aug 2023

We are here for only a short time, but nature endures. This is one of the basic realities that govern our lives, and our attachments to the more-than-human realm, by which I mean the land, landscape, animals, nature, the environment.

An Evolutionary Ride - on species, extinction and climate change

07th, Oct 2021

My piece on climate change, the Anthropocene and extinction is published in the new University of East Anglia magazine format, combining text and images in an innovative format. This story co-incides with an event at Norwich Cathedral that I will chair on October 12th, 7-9pm.

'Wanderings: Here is a coast and here is a harbour'

29th, Aug 2020

In so-called lockdown I started re-reading Elizabeth Bishop's poetry and her collected letters, One Art, originally published in 1994. I have dipped into her poetry many times over the years, but my last trip before the pandemic, to Brazil, where Bishop lived for many years, and the unwe

The Storm of History - Eventilisation and the Pandemic

15th, May 2020

Angelus Novus by Paul Klee, 1920.

(What follows is an extract from a longer essay on the writing of Lauren Berlant, Walter Benjamin, the concept of 'eventilisation' in the context of the current Sars2-Covid19 pandemic.)